Driver CPC

The Drivers CPC Initial Qualification affects anyone driving HGV vehicles for hire and reward (payment).

At Atlas we will guide you through your Module 2 and 4 in order for you to obtain your CPC Initial Qualification.


This module can be revised from the CPC Book or online revision, and the test will take place at the DSA Theory Test Centre; we can point you in the right direction to all these resources and help you book your test.

The test itself consists of a case study test conducted at the Theory Test Centre. It lasts approximately 30 minutes.


Training conducted at the school with a test at DSA Test Centre. The practical test involves walking around a stationary vehicle with the examiner, demonstrating that you can complete several crucial checks and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

At Atlas we make sure you’re fully prepared and take you through various question and answer sheets and guide you through our training video of a module 4 test in progress. On the day we have a 1 – 2 hour training session to brush up on your knowledge before driving you to and from the test centre.

Please call us or email now for a Drivers CPC Initial Qualification quote.

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Any LGV Driver who obtained their LGV licence after September 2009 must complete 35 hours periodic training within 5 years from the date of completion of their Driver CPC Initial Qualification.

This 35 hours is broken into 5 modules, each lasting 7 hours. The Driver CPC Periodic Training Requirement is there to keep your skill set up-to-date, and build valuable new skills to improve and further your career.

At Atlas we want to make sure these 35 hours don’t interfere with your work and offer Saturday courses as well as weekday sessions.

Our 2019 course dates are:

June– Saturday 8th | 22nd

July– Saturday 6th | 20th

August– Saturday 3rd | 17th | 31st

September– Saturday 14th | 28th

October– Saturday 12th | 26th

November– Saturday 9th | 23rd

December– Saturday 7th

If you would like to book on any of these dates please EMAIL US and tell us which ones you would like to book on.

We also offer ‘on-site’ group CPC training for local businesses.  Please call us and speak to Natalie so we can develop your bespoke CPC course plan.

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